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Mattel, Inc. is an American multinational toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 with headquarters in El Segundo, California. The products and brands it produces include Fisher-Price, Barbie, Monster High, Ever After High, Polly Pocket, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Masters of the Universe, American Girl, Thomas & Friends, and WWE. In the early 1980s, Mattel produced video game systems, under its own brands and under license from Nintendo.

A former employee said this in a review: "At Mattel they don't value your work, they don't care about the quality of life of the workers as long as the work is done, they are too few hands for all the work that is needed. Some of the promotions are still done by preference and not by the quality of work."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Literally everything. Including creepy robotic CEO"

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"The 200 VP’s, SVP’s are useless wastes of space"

Former Employee - Lead User Experience Designer says

"Makes money but doesn’t support employees. Fear based management. No care from management for your growth. They want to be innovative but don’t know how to actually go about supporting those that can. This place is just old and stuck. This place is so micro managed from the top down you’ll only be happy if you don’t mind being told what to do, no be appreciated for your contributions. Make sure you read the fine print. They have lots of layoffs almost on the regular and if you aren’t there for 3 years they take back their 401K contributions. I’m out $18000. But they’ll tell you all day how much money hot wheels made. “Best revenue ever!” But they took back my retirement. The Corp is just slimy."

Former Employee - Company Lawyer says

"Toxic environment. No accountability from folks"

Former Employee - President of A Division says

"Really lack industry knowledge and very political. Not transparent and really very little care for employees. Policies and rules all designed to consolidate power and not to encourage individual initiative. The top make all decisions and feel that information is power and do not share information openly."

Former Employee - Senior Product Development Engineer says

"incompetent, politically motivated middle managers causing unnecessary stress to those under them. little to no training. focus is on cutting costs, yet they pee away so much money due to antiquated systems/tools. focus on cost cutting at the expense of product quality, moving cost targets. many people there for over a decade know only one system and are not open to streamlining the process. due to staff reductions, it doubled the workload for much of the remaining staff."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Mattel used to be a great place to work, but the last 5 years it has declined tremendously and has gotten even worst the last 2 years. The place is strife with office politics as people are scared to lose their jobs that they withhold information from each other, back stab colleagues and teams, and layoff/fire people left who are talented, smart, and loyal. Annual layoffs are more guaranteed than annual bonuses. It's a sad place. The only thing constant is the executive changes, and that is not good. I don't recommend this place."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People have been there for so long and get shuffled to jobs they have no experience in. Senior executives aren't equipped with any contemporary skills. No accountability -- SVP's all look around and point but don't take any accountability for managing the business. C-suite want to do what they think is "fun", which does not include hard decisions to right set the company."

Former Employee - Copywriter says

"Company in decline - poorly managed."

Former Employee - Retail Service Specialist says

"Management in North Dustric creates a toxic environment. You must do whatever it takes to make management look good. Including falsifying documents and such. If you don’t management will find a way to get rid of you. Way too much wear and tear on your personal vehicle. Then they will fight you on any excess mileage. You are required to have a smart phone , WiFi that you have to pay for out of pocket. Big huge boxes will be delivered to your home on a daily basis, it might not fit in your car but that is your responsibility to get it to the correct destination, and to find a place to store it until it was needed."

Trabaje en mattel de México (Former Employee) says

"Mala no recomiendo trabajar el mattel de México son muy malos y prepotentes Cons: Mala empresa"

Promo Packer / Picker (Former Employee) says

"The general labor is not hard work so for that I will not fully complain about the pay rate but to compensate your employees and management working in a climate controlled wearhouse with NO A/c and only 15 min breaks. Not to mention the take u through what’s consistent of 3 days work of orientation process before you even clock in on tour first day to begin making money. And then when you do start working they ALL PF A SUDDEN don’t have any hours for everybody an staff is limited due to the project due so they pick an choose who to give the house and money to rather than be fair. HORRIBLE COMPANY.. HORIBLE JOB.HORIBLE PAY..THE SIGNS ARE HERE PEOPLE DO NOT IGNORE THEM‼️"

Line Leader/ Quality Control (Former Employee) says

"Dazed and confused Seven ploys understood how to work so I probably didn’t the training was based upon the management the management trained OK there’s a line leaders helped a lot I will try my best to do what I could to help everybody and anybody but you did have some of the people there that didn’t want to do much other than collect a paycheck and if you’re interested in working this job you got to be patient understanding and have a good attitude"

Line Lead (Former Employee) says

"Rude to Packers, they show Favoritism towards certain employees, inappropriate behavior, bad communication will put someone at fault for any and eveything."

Operador del Super Saco (Former Employee) says

"My assignment was ended due to attendence because I was at the hospital and with doctor's note and everything my assignment was ended. But the work pace is awesome but still very stressful"

Clamp Truck Operator (Former Employee) says

"Favoritism, profiling people, lack of opportunity if you are not friend of a lead or a supervisor you can not become a regular employee with the company and you can get fired for no reason that is working for Mattel... Cons: Management is a joke"

operador de produccion (Former Employee) says

"Me encanto trabajar ai esta muy bn algo carrilludo pero bn Cons: Ninguna"

Fork Lift Operator & Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"you are required to work hard inside a truck for a small pay,"

Contrôleuse (Former Employee) says

"je n'ai pas aimé cette mission car c'est un travail en usine et pas de contact avec les personnes Cons: travail en usine"

preparatrice de commande (Former Employee) says

"preparation de commandes, et controle , expeditions et controle de la marchandise Cons: travail en usine"

Busser/Server (Former Employee) says

"worst experience in my whole life of work in restaurants they just didn't pay you at all tips because it was all on credit card but the company pays every 2 weeks and they wont pay you if theres a problem with your check and that was my case to the point i was running out of the job on my break to look for jobs and once i got late the manager was the fattest woman ive ever seen but the meanest woman ive ever met she went off saying i was irresponsible that i was making her look bad etc etc but the company didnt pay me for whole 2 weeks not even tips for the train was a nightmare and i was irresponsible? i explain to her i got illegally locked out of my room because i didn't pay the rent on time and i was going to court and sleeping on McDonalds so she said you're homeless? and said she was going to tell the gen manager because they cant have homeless working there so i cried and left when i was leaving they called security to escort me out back to get my check but wasn't there ...only after 2 weeks i left then i got it was like around 400 for the 2 weeks i worked there... Cons: busser have to serve wine and other drinks"

Temp/ seasonal (Former Employee) says

"Upon arriving, I was told to scan my badge to clock in so I did as such. We huddled up in a circle to go over the guidelines but not once was we told what exactly we would be doing. After the meet we was told to hand in our badges, yet still unclear for what purpose. Though, later found out that if we were to scan our badge ourselves it would not go through, On the second day, we was told that we needed to get our badge back to clock out for breaks. During that time I had gotten sick being around so much dust. I had notified my representative at the staffing agency of what was going on and she wasn't aware of what the company was doing. She assured me that someone would talk to me about it, but no one ever did even when I asked."


"Excellent company and family atmosphere. The pace was fast and exciting, and performance expectations are high, but the reward of achievement is immeasurable. Enjoyed my time with the company along with the experience and knowledge gained to help further my career."

Director (Former Employee) says

"Mattel isn't a good place to work. The only good thing is the discount at the toy store....but really, you can go down the Target clearance isle and get things cheaper! The onsite cafe is expensive and gross. The people are all suck ups and brown-nosers because this place is based on who you know, not what you know. I jumped ship pretty fast as I am better than this place and wouldn't trade my happiness for anything. Turns out, Mattel puts together it's own survey to achieve the Best Places to Work lists in Fortune's all fabricated. Just Say No to Mattel Cons: everything else"

Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Working at Mattel does have it's perks; However, to make it here, you have to keep up with the Jones'! Relationships are important. It really doesn't matter what your talents are or how up to par your work's who you know and kiss up to. The older people in higher positions never seems to go anywhere or change with the times. So even if they tell you that they want cutting edge or to think outside of the box.....they aren't really asking for any of that. You are really there to make sure your supervisor/boss looks good and that's it. Cons: too much politics and no movement upward."

Supervisor Administración de Ventas y MKT (Former Employee) says

"Alta rotación. Las cabezas son familiares. Cero vida familiar"

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"This company is tolerating lazy people and being lazy is the canadian way of life. Don't work for this company because you'll just be a number whether you're in the office or just a plain laborer. They don't care and management don't have the foresight and the fortitude to know what's happening as long as they get their paycheck only. The lead hand's job is a big joke, too as his job description includes youtubing and laughing all day and management is happy about it. Cons: they don't care"

Assembly Lead Checker (Current Employee) says

"Come in get your work order, count you product, get your line set up before the employees come in. Once employees come in you start you line up until completion. As a line Leader yours constantly walking and talking with the employees to make sure that they know how to put the displays together also ask the employees who are putting the toys on the display how many toys go on the display."

Cashier/Stocker (Former Employee) says

"Working a seasonal position at the San Bernardino Mattel Toy Store is somewhat pleasant. There are no benefits and no sick pay, but the customers are always great and the atmosphere of the store is very relaxed. Cons: no benefits, very disorganized, lack of direction, poor communication."

Finance Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work life balance used to be good, but they did away with half day Fridays, and many on campus events. Many departments have already been laid off due to declining sales, so morale is really low. Cons: Management makes bad decisions"

Lynn Lee says

"Sadly Mattel has a serious problem in sending out product from America to the UK. I paid for a platinum membership to be able to order limited editions in advance. I've spent over $150 now on the membership and one doll. That was back in July. I've received nothing except excuses from Mattel. They have offered a refund as they no longer have the doll, and again to date they have only been able to tell me that their system has an error and can't refund me. It's now November, no doll and no refund. Big waste of money. Case number so that this can be verified is 28690995."

Cynthia says

"The refund process is lengthy and frustrating. Customer service is extremely poor. I still haven’t got my refund. They sent me a damaged product and I have returned it but it’s so hard to get my money back. They did not give me back my money. Horrible company."

Vicky says

"Sent an enquiry and received an acknowledgment stating I would receive a response in 14 days. 3 weeks later still no response"

J G Wenworth says

"I am reviewing Put in an order on 4/2/18, which was wrought with troubles with my gift cards as their website kept malfunctioning and later wrote an email to which they said I would have to call this 800# to get assistance. My order has not moved out of PROCESSING so I wrote them emails for assistance on the order that has never shipped out. Got no help in email other than to write and tell me where to call or write again. Called 800# and guy told me the order was in back order status (like this was it and the end of the phone call), I had to prompt him by saying, 'how long is my ENTIRE order going to be in back order?' (mind you, NO communication from them to let me know this status) He spends a few minutes looking and says he will send an email to the fulfillment house (those that put the orders in the boxes and send them out). He tells me he will ask them to RELEASE the order so that the items that are not in back order status will be sent out. Our phone calls ends with me having to say, 'can you please send me a confirmation email' with an update on my order. Yeh, honestly, I don't expect ANY communication from him (only because I've encountered this kind of poor company structure before) and I will have to babysit this order in hopes of every receiving it. *SIGH*
Items are for July birthdays for my kids but at this rate, I will be surprised if I even receive the items. No faith found here. I am stuck trying to use up the gift cards for this website but after that, I will NEVER purchase from them again, I'll stick with thank you very much."

Peter Melvyn says

"This morning, I was utterly disgusted to see a Barbie doll advertisement on English Childrens Television that actually showed a dog defecating and then Barbie cleared it up with a dustpan and brush.
Is this really necessary ? ? ?
I am an older person who is now sadly watching decent society disappear into the sewer and totally unnecessary advertisements like the one I just mentioned seem to be helping decent society rot.
We also have to take into consideration that Mattel is an American company and I for one hold nearly everything American in complete contempt"

Melissa says

"I purchased the highly anticipated dia de Los muertos Barbie over the phone and my order was declined a day later. When I called Mattel to see why my order was declined, I found out the lady who placed my order entered the wrong expiration date on my card even though I repeated it to her twice! I updated my card info with Mattel and my order has been stuck as “processing” for over 4 weeks now! I called Mattel several times and they give me the same answer every time. They said they are trying to fix the issue and they admitted the issue is on THEIR end. I called again recently and the lady gave me attitude. She said “ma’am we have told you we are working on it, there is nothing else we can do. You have to wait”.. why the heck does it take over 4 weeks to fix my order?? They said it would take about a week and I’ll get a call back.. never once received a call from them in the past 4 weeks. I don’t think I am ever getting the Barbie. Seems like they’re just waiting for me to give up because they have no idea what they are doing. So ridiculous!!! I stayed up all night waiting for the release of this Barbie and purchased it before it went out of stock."

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